The first Dutch people to come to Canada were Dutch-Americans among the United Empire Loyalists . The Largest Wave was in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century large numbers of Dutch When Helped settle the Canadian west. During this period significant numbers settled in major cities like Also Toronto . While interrupted by the First World War this migration returned in the 1920s, but halted again consistently the Great Depression and Second World War . After World War II a large number of Dutch immigrants moved to Canada, include a number of war brides of the Canadian Soldiers who Liberated the Netherlands. During the war Canada had sheltered Crown Princess Juliana and her family. The annual Canadian Tulip Festival held in May commemorates her with a generous Amount of the Tulips coming from The Netherlands. Due to close links thesis Canada Became a popular destination for Dutch immigrants. The Canadian government ENCOURAGED this, recruiting skilled workers. This post-war wave Mainly went to urban centers Such as Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. With the economic recovery of the Netherlands in the post-war years immigration to Canada greatly Slowed.
While one of the Largest Minority groups in Canada in Dutch Canadians have tended to rapidly assimilates and there are relatively few Dutch Organization and Canadian media. One important institution is the Christian Reformed Church in North America , with most found Congregations Throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. The Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, The King's University College in Edmonton, and Redeemer College in Ancaster, Ontario are associated with this Dutch Reformed / Calvinist denomination. Christian Schools International , the Christian Labour Association of Canada , and the Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario are Dutch-Canadian Organizations with strong roots.
Dutch Canadians, Because Of Their shared cultural and religious heritage, tend to form tight knit communities. This HAS led to an in-joke known as Dutch Bingo [3] , where it is said That a Dutch Canadian is bootable to figure out His / her connection to another Dutch Canadian by asking questions about the other's last name, town of birth, They attended church and the college.

source: wikipedia